Yun, David Y. Y.

CCS Faculty
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director of Center for Advanced Computing & Virtual Experiments
Director of Laboratory of Intelligent and Parallel Systems (LIPS)
Director of Center for East-West Medicine Projects
College of Engineering (CoE)
Holmes Hall 492, 2540 Dole Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Office: (808) 965-7627; Fax: (808) 941-1399

BS 1970, Summa Cum Laude, Ohio State University
PhD 1973, MIT

From 1973 to 1983 he served as a research staff and Manager of Symbolic Computation Group at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. He was recruited as Professor and Chairman of Computer Science and Engineering Department at SMU/Dallas in 1983. He came to Hawaii in 1989 to serve as Director of the Information Technology Division at the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research and to teach (half time) at the Electrical Engineering Dept. of CoE. In 1992 he became a full-time Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UH CoE. He continues to serve on the Governing Board for the Knowledge Systems Institute, Chicago (since 1986) and the China International Medical University, Los Angeles (since 1995). Dr. Yun was brought in by Taiwan as the Founding Director for the Advanced Technology Center at ITRI (Industry and Technology Research Institute) in 1987 to establish the foundation for advanced research and development by building a team of 30 Ph.D. and MS researchers from ground up. He was appointed by the Governor of Hawaii and confirmed by the Senate in 1989 to serve on the Board of Directors for Hawaii’s High Technology Development Corporation and was elected Vice-Chairman shortly, until 1995. Both the 1999 (print) and the 2001 Millennium Edition (CD) of the Governor’s: Science and Technology: The Key to Hawaii’s Economic Future feature multiple articles (and a centerfold) covering Dr. Yun’s research and technology development activities. Professor Yun’s recent R&D activities in bio-medical informatics have aimed at bringing computation power and network communication to bear on realizing intelligent behavior in Bio-Medical Engineering. In Complementary and Alternative Medicine (a CCS program), Dr. Yun has scientifically proved and instrumentally measured not only the existence and measurability of “Chi” (bio-energy flowing in meridians of the body) but also its controllability and diagnostic values. Two tele-medicine services on the Internet are: (1) The Ohana Health Online system at (since 1999) provides continuous monitoring and proactive advising for chronic disease (diabetes) patients, serving as a virtual case manager”. (2) Project MISSION, as detailed at is an online computer-assisted radiation treatment planning system, which received the semifinalist recognition in the “Health” category of Vice-President Gore’s Global Information Infrastructure (GII) Awards. For these works, Dr. Yun was named “Mr. Telemedicine” by the Wired News (11/1999) and the Honolulu Advertiser (3/2001).

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