Faculty (By Department)

Academy for Creative Media
Konrad Gar-Yeu Ng, Assistant Professor
Chun Han (George) Wang, Assistant Professor

David C. Yang, Professor

Christopher J. Bae, Assistant Professor
C. Fred Blake, Associate Professor
Christian E. Peterson, Assistant Professor

Pu Miao, Professor

Art & Art History
Kate Lingley, Associate Professor
Yida Wang, Associate Professor

Asian Studies
Cathryn Clayton, Associate Professor
Eric Harwit, Professor
Reginald Y. Kwok, Professor

Center for Chinese Studies
Frederick Lau, Director
Cynthia Ning, Associate Director
Diane Perushek, Special Projects Coordinator
Daniel Tschudi, Coordinator

East Asian Languages & Literature
Hsin-I Hsieh, Professor
Julie Jiang, Professor
Song Jiang, Assistant Professor
David R. McCraw, Professor
Yun Peng, Assistant Professor
Haidan Wang, Assistant Professor
Ming-Bao Yue, Associate Professor

Xiaojun Wang, Associate Professor

Educational Foundations
Baoyan Cheng, Assistant Professor
Gay G. Reed, Professor
Di Xu, Professor

Electrical Engineering
David Y. Y. Yun, Professor

Family & Consumer Sciences
Shu-Hwa Lin, Associate Professor

Finance & Economic Institutions
Rosita P. Chang, Professor
Victor Wei Huang, Professor
S. Ghon Rhee, Luke Chair Professor

Hong Jiang, Associate Professor

Hamilton Library, Asia Collection
Kuang-tien (K.T.) Yao, China Specialist Librarian

Hawaii Institute of Geophysics & Planetology
Peter Englert, Professor

Shana J. Brown, Associate Professor
Edward L. (Ned) Davis, Associate Professor
Liam Kelley, Associate Professor
Wensheng Wang, Assistant Professor

Info Tech Management
Tung X. Bui, Matson Chair Professor

School of Law
Charles D. Booth, Professor
Ronald C. Brown, Professor
Alison Conner, Professor
Lawrence C. Foster, Professor
Carole J. Petersen, Professor

Qimei Chen, Chair, Professor

Matsunaga Institute for Peace
Carole J. Petersen, Director

Frederick Lau, Professor
Byong-Won Lee, Professor

Roger T. Ames, Professor
Chung-ying Cheng, Professor

Political Science
Xiao (Kate) Zhou, Professor

Yiyuan Xu, Assistant Professor

Poul Andersen, Associate Professor
James D. Frankel, Assistant Professor

Second Language Studies
Dongping Zheng, Assistant Professor

Seio Nakajima, Assistant Professor

Theatre and Dance
Elizabeth A. Wichmann-Walczak, Professor

Urban and Regional Planning
Reginald Y. Kwok, Professor

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