Asian Studies Program

The Asian Studies Program allows students interested in Chinese Studies to take a multi disciplinary focus in their study of China. The Program offers its own China-specific courses, but also draws upon the wealth of China offerings available from other departments at the university.

For more information on the BA and MA Asian Studies program, please see the program description at theĀ The Asian Studies Program (ASP).

Certificate Program in Chinese Studies

A new series of graduate-level certificate programs to complement the MA program in Asian Studies has recently been approved. The objectives of the certificates are:

  1. enable students to combine specialized language and interdisciplinary study of a particular area of Asia with a graduate or professional degree program in another discipline
  2. enable professionals who already hold a graduate or professional degree to enhance their expertise with specialized language and interdisciplinary competence in a particular area of Asia

Students must complete 18 credit hours of graduate level studies for the Certificate in Chinese Studies, nine of which must be in courses numbered 600 or above, including the mandatory course ASAN 750. Courses must be from at least two major fields (humanities, social sciences, and the arts), with no more than nine credit hours in any one field. Three years of language study are required, although language competence may also be established by attainment of equivalent scores on appropriate standardized proficiency tests. Native speakers of Chinese are required to demonstrate an equivalent level of proficiency in another language, which may be English. Only three credits of the final year of language study above the 200 level can be counted toward the Certificate.

Concurrent Degrees

Students may study for their MA in Asian Studies while pursuing graduate degrees in Law, International Business, Library Science, or Public Health. In the concurrent programs, students will receive both the MA in Asian Studies and the second degree a year earlier than if they had enrolled in the two degree programs separately.

Program Guide August 2011

Program Guide August 2011

For further information about the Asian Studies Program, contact Pattie Dunn at 956-7814.

Study Opportunies in Other Disciplines

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