Asian Studies Program

The Asian Studies Program allows students interested in Chinese Studies to take a multi disciplinary focus in their study of China. The Program offers its own China-specific courses, but also draws upon the wealth of China offerings available from other departments at the university.

For more information on the BA and MA Asian Studies program, please see the program description at the The Asian Studies Program (ASP).

Chinese Studies Graduate Certificate

The School of Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, through the Center for Chinese Studies, offers graduate and professional students the opportunity to acquire integrated, interdisciplinary knowledge about China in a structured format. With a wide variety of courses covering 19 disciplines, students can tailor the certificate program to meet their personal academic and career goals.

The following disciplines regularly offer Chinese studies courses: Anthropology, Art, Asian Studies, East Asian Languages and Literature (Chinese Language and Literature) Economics, Education, Ethnic Studies, Geography, History, Law, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Religion, Sociology, Theatre and Dance, Urban and Regional Planning, and Women’s Studies.

The Chinese Studies Graduate Certificate is designed to meet the needs of graduate students who seek certification of their area of specialization and language competence.


  1. Students in any master’s, doctoral, or professional school degree program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, who would like to add specialized language and interdisciplinary study of China.
  2. Students pursuing MA degrees in Asian Studies program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, who focus specifically on China and who desire certification of their specific area of competence.


18 credits of coursework on China, in a defined program of study, at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, to include:

  • 15 credits at 300 level or higher from at least two major divisions (social sciences, humanities, or arts), with no more than 9 credits in a single discipline, and at least 9 credits in graduate-level courses (600 level or higher).
  • ASAN 600C: ‘Scope and Method in Asian Studies: China’.
  • Either (1) a research paper on China and an oral examination based on the paper; or, (2) a thesis or dissertation related to China in the student’s major discipline.

Language Requirement: 3rd year competency. All language competency requirements can be met either through coursework (CHN 301/302), or equivalency examinations. Language courses do not count towards certificate credit requirements.

Academic advising is provided by Center for Chinese Studies.

Students not already registered in a graduate degree at the University of Hawaii at Manoa must be ‘in residence’ for at least one semester (or full-time equivalent).

Concurrent Degrees

Students may study for their MA in Asian Studies while pursuing graduate degrees in Law, International Business, Library Science, or Public Health. In the concurrent programs, students will receive both the MA in Asian Studies and the second degree a year earlier than if they had enrolled in the two degree programs separately.

Program Guide August 2011

Program Guide August 2011

For further information about the Asian Studies Program, contact Pattie Dunn at 956-7814.

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