Center for Chinese Studies

Spring 2015 Calendar of Public Events

Friday, Jan 23, 12:00 noon, Moore Hall 258

ZHOU Jian, UHM School of Accountancy

“Business Group Importance and Audit Quality: Evidence from China”

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Friday, Jan 30, 12:00 p.m., Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319)

Bill Sharp, Hawaii Pacific University

“Taiwan’s Recent ‘Nine-in-One’ Election”

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Wednesday, Feb 11, 12:00 noon, Moore Hall 202

David Arase, Johns Hopkins–Nanjing

“China’s Two Silk Roads and the Community of Common Destiny in Asia”

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Friday, Feb 13, 3:00 p.m., Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319)

Christopher Bae, UHM Dept. of Anthropology

“The Origin of Modern Humans in China: Current Multidisciplinary Perspectives from Guangxi”

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Friday, Feb 20, 12:00 noon, Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319)

Paula Harrell, Georgetown University

“China-Japan Relations Post-APEC: Working Toward Constructive Management of Differences”

Cosponsored with the Center for Japanese Studies.

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Wednesday, Feb 25, 12:00 noon, Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319)

Richard Lynn, University of Toronto

“Confucian Statecraft and Arcane Learning (Xuanxue)”

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Friday, Feb 27, 12:00 noon, Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319)

GUO Jing, UHM School of Social Work

“Public Attitudes and Family Policies in China”

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Friday, Feb 27, 4:30 noon, Art Auditorium (Art 136)

Screening of the documentary film “Lessons in Dissent,” followed by a talk presentation by the film’s director, Matthew Torne

This documentary film is a must-see for those wishing to understand the origins of the student protests that have recently rocked Hong Kong.

The film charts the rise of Hong Kong teenage democracy activists Joshua Wong and Ma Wan Ke, leading figures in the Umbrella Movement that occurred recently in Hong Kong.

In the past year the film has been shown at Yale and Duke universities, as well as the New America think tank. It premiered at last year’s Hong Kong International Film Festival and played in Hong Kong cinemas through out the summer of 2014.

*               *               *

Friday, Mar 6, 12:00 noon, Moore Hall 258

Kate Lingley, UHM Art & Art History

“A Hybrid Memorial Inscription and the Rise of Cave Temple Burial in China”

*               *               *

Friday, Apr 10, 12:00 noon, Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319)

Madeline Spring, UHM East Asian Languages & Literatures;
Director, Chinese Flagship Program

“Looking Forward: New Models for Connecting Language Proficiency and Cultural Literacy” 

*               *               *

Friday, May 1, 12:00 noon, Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319)

David Yang, UHM School of Accountancy

“The U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Constructive Proposal of Internal Control Systems Self-Reinforcing Mechanism in China” [tentative title]