Center for Chinese Studies

Spring 2016 Calendar of Public Events

Here is a list of China Seminars coming up this semester. Except as noted, all seminars will take place on Fridays at 12:00 noon in the Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319). Stay tuned for further details to come out later!

Wed, 2/10 Alison Conner (University of Hawaii at Manoa): “Courtroom Drama—Chinese Style.”

Fri, 2/12 Shi Qiuheng (Xiamen University): “Frameworks and Criteria of Higher Education Institution Classification: The Chinese Design in Light of European and American Experiences.”

12:00 p.m., Mon, 2/22, Yomi Braester (University of Washington in Seattle): “The Last Refuge: Chinese and Jewish Refugees in Wartime Shanghai.” In Moore Hall 155A.

3:00 p.m., Tue, 2/23, Yomi Braester (University of Washington in Seattle): “The City as Found Footage: The Reassemblage of Chinese Urban Space.” In Moore Hall 155A.

Wed, 2/24, Cheng Chung-ying (University of Hawaii at Manoa): “Confucianism in Present-Day China and Beyond: A Great Debate and A Critical Test.”

Wed, 3/9 Gao Bei (University of North Carolina Wilmington): “Chinese Policy toward European Jewish Refugees in Shanghai during World War II.”

Fri, 3/18 Reg Kwok (University of Hawaii at Manoa): “China–U.S. Security Relations after 2011: Contention since the ‘Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific’ Policy.”

Mon, Mar 28, XIANG Fan (Tsinghua University) and Zhu Shunshan (Dynamic Network Technology Co, Acton, MA): “How to Know Too Much with Visualization Design.”

Fri, 4/1 Jiang Song (University of Hawaii at Manoa): “The origin and evolution of Chinese characters: A reflection of the Chinese way of thinking.”  CANCELLED

Wed, 4/13 Ronald Brown (University of Hawaii at Manoa): “China’s Workers Without Benefits: Holes in the Labor Safety Net.”

Fri, 4/22 Wang Wensheng (University of Hawaii at Manoa): “The Cultural Politics of Crisis and Reform in the Jiaqing Reign (1796-1820) of Qing China.”

Fri, 4/29, Kuan Yuan-yu (University of Hawaii at Manoa): “Contemporary Musical Mixing, Interconnectedness, and Indigeneity amongst the Islands of Taiwan and Okinawa.”